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Author.Pub was created by a consortium of book reviewers who, in recent years, have seen a substantial increase in the number of self-published books show up on their desks.  While there a good many self published and indie books out there which are truly worthy of praise, there are an even greater number which, to put it bluntly, are appalling in so many ways.

We've said it far too many times . . . It might be funny if it weren't so downright sad.  After years of groaning and lamenting the egregious blunders made by these well intended authors, we finally came to the conclusion that someone should create a forum providing aspiring authors with the tools to help them put their best foot forward.  We waited, and we waited, but such a website never appeared.  So, here we are!
This website has been created for authors and aspiring authors. Our goal is to put everything in one easy-to-navigate site to help answer all the questions you may have, or don't even know you should have. We have a saying around here: You don't know what you don't know until you know it.  Our mission is to help you avoid some of the common, and not so common, faux pas that can and should be avoided when it comes to publishing. 

We hope you find this site useful. If you feel we have misrepresented something, let us know. If you believe we've left out something important, we'd love to hear from you. We're all in this together. The world of publishing is changing so quickly it's hard to keep up. So, let us know how we're doing. We'd love to hear from you!
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